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A wine serving cabinet

Sjekk her Tête à tête brings to the correct serving temperature 12 bottles of wine, white or red. This wine serving cabinet has a temperature gradient of 6°C at the bottom, and up 22°C at the top. For wine that is ready for serving whatever the circumstances!

Opened bottles preserved

http://nz.adults-dating.com/ check here The amazing appliance, fitted with 2 detachable oxygen extraction heads, allows 2 opened bottles to be stored for up to 10 days, retaining all of their flavours. The 2 opened bottle supports allow easy positioning of the bottles under the device.

Technical Specifications

Model: S-013
Temperature zones: Multi-temperature
Colour: Nero Black
Size(mm): 850h x 297w x 462d
Door: Glass door
Capacity: 10 bottles (storage) + 2 bottles (serving)
Warranty: 12 months

Unit Price: HK$ 14,900.00