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With Pure, store your wine... naturally

The evocative and symbolic name given to all of the cabinets in this range whether they are maturing, multifunctional or serving cabinets. Cabinets that have been meticulously thought-out and designed to house your wines, save energy and thus protect our precious environment. The Pure range represents a new generation of wine cabinet. A wind of change that signifies a return to our roots, a clever balance of cutting-edge technology and respect for nature. These elegantly understated cabinets will provide shelter for your wines and cherish them in a muffled cocoon until they have reached their true potential, far from variations in temperature and hygrometry, harmful U.V. rays and vibrations... as if protected within a cozy cocoon, where the poetry of wine becomes an ode to the future.

Vieillitheque - Single temperature

Eurotheque - Three temperature  

Servitheque - Multi temperature  

The Model

Vieillitheque Servitheque Eurotheque
  1-temperature cabinets for maturing wine   Multi-temperature cabinets for serving wine   Multifunctional cabinets for storing, chilling and bringing wine to the correct serving temperature