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The contemporary storage system that can be personalized in an infinite number of ways!

EuroCave is adding to its range of storage systems with Modulosteel: easy to assemble modules which can be attached to each other in an infinite number of ways. A new product with clean, modern lines for a decidedly contemporary feel.

A modular design

Customisable, Modulosteel can be assembled in an infinite number of ways with its modules, which attach to each other.
Can be adjusted to half its height for vaulted cellars or low ceilings!
  modular design  
- One bottle deep storage
- Material: Black painted steel
- Treated with epoxy resin to protect against damp
- 17 storage levels, each holding up to 8 bottles

A strong structure

The structure was designed to be easy to assemble.
Three fastening systems ensure complete stability.
- 4 adjustable cylinder bases.
- 1 screw system at the top of each metal post. To be fixed directly to the wall, using an alignment washer.
- 1 slide system at the top of each metal post in order to set and adjust any possible gap between the wall and the storage unit.

Optimised storage

2 types of storage: “storage” and/or “display” mode. Simply move the steel tubes and fix the Main du Sommelier supports in the desired position.

Two optional extras available

A choice of finishes to optimise your storage area and give it a more homely feel.
Optional extra no.1
One body + 6 ACMS shelves
- Increase your storage capacity: 72 bottles
- Material: Panels of back damp-proof melamine-faced MDF
Optional extra no.2
Finishing top cover
- Easy to fit, on top of the central bottle storage section. Can be used on the structure at full or half-height.
- Material: panels of black damp-proof melamine-faced MDF.
MS 02

Technical features

Dimension of one storage unit
2000h x 720w x 505d mm  
  Dimension of one storage half unit 1116h x 720w x 505d mm  
  Centre spacing width 600 mm  
  Body external dimensions 664h x 595w x 584d mm  
  Top cover external dimensions 25h x 658w x 412d mm  
  Weight of one metal post 12.5 kgs  
  Weight of one central bottle storage section 13.5 kgs  
  Weight of body + shelves 46.5 kgs  
  Weight of top cover 4.5 kgs